Hi. I can’t decide on whether something you have is worth keeping, or not. heading) and if some of the upright parts of letters are lost in the edge milling or missing, that’s never usually a big deal either. Inscription "1812 CHARLES DICKENS 1870" to left. Added now. I have only just come across your website but your information is great. It has standing on the shoulders of giants on the edge. No date on 4th portrait this what I thought it was. 4th February 2019, You have given both the 2018 Lightning and 2019 D-Day coins the same coding (£2-No.49). CYC-Admin Derek Waters Following the coin’s introduction on 28 March 2017, there was a six month period when the current round £1 coin and the new 12-sided £1 coin were in circulation at the same time. 18th February 2017, Thank you very much for publishing this information for free. Most people don’t bother collecting both ways though and where there is no extra demand there should be no higher prices. 25th February 2017, Sasha As there hasn’t been any commemorative coins released into general circulation since 2017 are we now seeing a change of policy by the mint, with all commemorative coins now having to be purchased rather than found in our change. Commemorative two poundcoins were first issued in 1986, but although legal tender they rarely circulated (some are appearing in change now that the bimetallic circulating coin has been introduced, but as they are about twice the weight of circulating coins, banks have difficulty handling them). Hopefully one day I’ll also include territory coins on the website. The whole design is overlaid with a linking jigsaw motif and surrounded by the dates "1707" and "2007", and the denomination "TWO POUNDS", The date "1807" with the "0" depicted as a broken chain link, surrounded by the inscription "AN ACT FOR THE ABOLITION OF THE SLAVE TRADE" and the date "2007", A flag showing the five Olympic rings being passed from a hand on the left to a hand on the right. 1st February 2018. The two cent coin was first introduced with decimal currency on 14 February 1966. Good Day of Wellington. Info is a bit sparse for those. Would this be a fake or a colour error in making it? Yes, but not a massive amount. All of the single metal coins tend to find owners over face value and even fake ones are of interest to some people (not that I’ve ever seen any fakes of the older £2 coins but it’s possible I suppose). The owl was the attribute of the city goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom. RegaRDS As it’s only a blocked element of the retaining collar it’s very likely that the end R’s also lose the tail and become a ‘P’. 24th February 2017. Oddly some people do pay more for fake coins and if you’ve been saving them since they were introduced look out for shiny (as new-like as possible) 1999 coins as they are very sought after in perfect condition. 18th February 2018. But this one the T is very close to the silver circle and the A is half vanished in between the silver and gold. The date '1999' above separated by goal-posts from the value 'TWO POUNDS' below, Radio waves decorating centre and outer border while a spark of electricity linking the zeros of the date represents the generation of the signal. Rather similar to the issues with other edge lettering, especially the PEMEMBEP instead of REMEMBER etc on the Guy Fawkes £2. Thanks, CYC-Admin CYC-Admin I can’t think of any explanation to support one way being more likely, but yes, checking a much larger sample would be interesting. 4th January 2017, I have found a fake £2.00 coin with Britannia on it. I HAVE AROUND ONE 100 POUND COINS .I ASK MY BANK IF THEY STILL TUCK THEM .YES WE DO.BUT HOW LONG FOR WE DOWNT NO. Often the I in WILL can look like an L, but it’s a very minor and very common slight mishap. The jigsaw Union £2? The inscription "1809 . These were the last coins issued for the first modern drachma, with none being issued for the second. On the side, it says: “Pemember Remember the fifth of November”. I have an Abolition of Slavery £2 coin which the side printing upside down and at an angle so some of the lettering is not complete. And even if it is in the wrong metal the prices people pay for them tend to be a bit more down to earth than the media would have you believe. 16th September 2018, I have got about a dozen coins dated 2018. am I missing something or is it coming soon? 26th June 2017. I work in a shop and this week had a customer with piles of single metal £2 coins – some were the 1989 bill of rights, others appeared to be Scottish and others from the Ascension Islands. Is it a fake, does it have any value apart from £2! Thank You. I think a lot of the bidding on ebay is shill bidding, i.e. Adam Pollard Hi Both £2 coins. It has a thicker more raised queens head and generally feels thicker than others I’ve seen. Ptsssch…. I’m starting to think most of the £2 I have in my purse are actually fake (5/7 varying ages). 1959) Imprint. Geoff Rothwell There are some currently expensive IOM coins, I must admit I don’t really follow them. Thank You. Can you advise me the best book I can purchase to help me check if there are any rare coins among them. The coin was technically similar to the version which eventually entered circulation with the Maklouf effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the image of a sailing ship similar to that previously used on the reverse of the pre-decimal halfpenny piece. Coin Publications is a family business and currently publishes a range of 14 books on coins and medals: Join the Facebook group: CYC-Admin It’s very disappointing. The 1994 pieces were never legal tender but were eventually released for sale as part of a presentation set in 1998. 11th December 2016. when I try to purchase from Ebay prices are High and when I want to sell no one will pay what it’s really worth . Are they worth keeping or do I sell them before the pound coin is no longer legal in October. Evening, I have to hand a WW1 2015 coin. Stephen T-J App (currently only for Android): 3rd March 2017. Also, design elements often get lost in the join of the 2 metals. Is this worth anything? I had to check one and certainly the slant on it makes the ‘A’ look a bit like a ‘4’. Les. Some of them are slightly off centre like that, it’s not really a big deal unless it’s more severe. I think I probably took it out of circulation in 1998. £2 coins and 50p coin will be issued. Hi,I have very shiny Magna Carta 2015-2016 2 pound coin, which one is not straight, the inside part is popping out. john kidd Metal composition of gold coloured part: 76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc. Hard to keep up isn’t it , CYC-Admin The Royal mint suggests there are four 2015 coins, one of each type that you mention, whereas you are suggesting there are five coins (2x Magna Carta, 4th & 5th portrait) Could you clarify, please? 9th December 2016. Helen Bruten The original reverse design of the frill-necked lizard has not been changed since the introduction. In 1986 the first £2 coin was introduced to commemorate the 13th Commonwealth Games which were held in Scotland in that year. 17th August 2017, Dear: CYC Admin ! (Newton was Warden and later Master of the Royal Mint. It isn’t right, but it’s more mass production sloppiness rather than an actual error. CYC-Admin I think you called earlier and it sounds like someone has popped the middle out and put it back wonky. 26th April 2017. Just seen this. Was I correct to think they were fakes? I’ve certainly come across a couple of people on Facebook groups that seem to be pretty clued up on certain territory coins, e.g. As a consequence a tenth of a pound coin was introduced to test public opinion. 19th September 2017. 29th April 2017. [2], Beyond the usual commemorative versions, no two pound coins were minted for general circulation in 2017. When the Euro coin was introduced in 2002, two math professors had their statistics students test whether the Belgian one Euro coin was a fair coin. The conversion to decimal currency continued gradually over the next three years. I have a Charles Dickens £2 coin. For a coin with over 400k made (inc those in sets and packs) the Kew is vastly overvalued, but anything is worth what someone else is prepared to pay and the Kew 50p is certainly hanging in there, remaining expensive! But I keep getting some coins and every single one is writing right way up with the queen’s head upper – 2012 Rio handover, 2015 Magna Carta 4th portrait. Metal composition of silver coloured part: 75% copper, 25% nickel. it came without a C.O.A I have tried to sell it on Ebay but NO interest .I see that C.O.A are available on Ebay for £3.95 Are these fake too ? In what year was income tax first introduced in the UK? The wording is different to the other type, in fact that’s the easy way of telling the 4th portrait coin from the 5th. C Ward, Phone 020 308 69996, © 2018, Coin Publications, a Rotographic (est. [18], British coin denominating two pounds sterling, This article is about the circulating £2 coins first issued 1998 (dated 1997) and the commemorative coins issued from 1986 to 1996. Would this increase my chance of getting a decent price for it ? Don’t expect to retire just yet though. I’d love to respond personally to valuation requests but I’d be busy doing it all day long if I did! CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THEY ARE WORTH ANYTHING PLEASE, It’s 2016 not 2006 (and there are 3 types) and the 2009 coin is for Robert Burns and nothing to do with Shakespeare. 5th September 2018. 9th January 2017. Martyn Pattrick Tania Ziegler 5th September 2018, hello there;where is 2018 2 pound coin ”lightning”-raf 1918-2018?cheers, CYC-Admin 2009" above, "TWO POUNDS" below, The design portrays a pulse being taken, whilst the background symbolises the rays of light from the lamp that Florence Nightingale was known for carrying during her rounds to tend to the wounded troops in the, The design features typeset in a replica of the black letter typeface used in the first edition: the reversed, raised text of the printing block on the left and the recessed text of the printed word on the right, taking the form of the quote, ‘In the beginning was the Word’ (John 1:1).’, 500th Anniversary of the maiden voyage of the, The Mary Rose sailing right, based upon a 1546 pictorial survey of Henry VIII's navy. WITH ROBERT BURNS 1759 £2 COIN. People that collect prefer to gather things themselves and don’t usually go for a ready-made collection, so for that reason I’d say they are worth the sum of the value of the individual coins. NOW WAS GIVEN A POUND TO DAY OF MY WIFE.TO BUY A PAPER BUT I FOR GOT TO PICK IT UP. 9th January 2017. The dangers of selling your coins on eBay Hello Mr Perkins. sharon Willis I suspect the banks will accept the old £1 coins for many years, but they just don’t like to make that known as dealing with them takes up precious time and money. The 9-1-1 network would be introduced to other cities and towns slowly; it wasn't until 1987 that at least half of all American homes had access to a 9-1-1 emergency network. I also have a Guy Fawkes £2 coin with the markings the same as yours. readable when the Queen is facing up. John Lewis 2017 Shield 50p 5th January 2017. Are these of any use to collectors? Hi, I am about to smash my terramundi which hopefully has about 1000 £2 coins in it. This was subsequently removed in 1982. There’s also nothing significant about the 2001 standard coin. I’ve recently started collecting and regularly use this site for reference , CYC-Admin The whole design is more pronounced and the letters directly under the queens head are a lot thicker and more prominent. Is it worth holding on to it or is it a fake. CYC-Admin It’s just a minor thing, no two coins are the same and their quality is often lacking. 14th March 2017. [16], Current £2 coins are legal tender to any amount. Hi Admin, I have the coin that you display in your Profile PIc, 2016 very new and shiny. 30th September 2018. karen gregory Garry Paxton Very good point. with the queens head face up and the edge inscription is It could be either. The Check Your Change Collectability scale,,,,,,,,, Shirley Moon Totally blank space, not worn away because the grooves are complete in the space. Would this be worth more than its face value? The second and current reverse (as of 2019), featuring a segment of the Royal Shield, was introduced in 2008. They are worth whatever the next person is willing to pay for them. Many thanks. I do worry that not enough emphasis is put on condition and that in years to come people would have paid too much for certain used coins and future collectors may only want the best available examples. I’ve recently inherited a large amount of foreign coins, some are really pretty (but probably worthless) where can I get quality information like your site offers on Foreign Coins? Hi £2 coin United Nations of peace. Nik Yeomans Yvonne Surrounding inscription "WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE" with "2016" below, History - crown with a dagger through the middle of the crown. The coin weighs 12 grams (0.42 oz) and is 2.84 centimetres (1.12 in) in diameter. Completing a ‘set’ of modern coins should be done with the focus on having a complete run of something and that achievement. and the app for Android (search Play for Check Your Change). 31st January 2017. A representation of the London Underground logo with "1863" above and "2013" below, A recreation of the design on what became known as the "spade guinea": a shield with the arms of King George III. Some of them do sell for more than face value. IS THERE A VALUE .I NO EBAY .AND FACEBOOK IPITUP . I’ve got a very proof looking/frosted £2 coin. Some people collect fakes. [4] The new coins feature the edge inscription QUATUOR MARIA VINDICO, meaning "I will claim the four seas", an inscription previously featured on coins bearing the image of Britannia.[5][6]. 9th November 2017, Please email me pictures:, Peter Lewis Craig walker Looks like is is an unknown mule. I am gutted. CYC-Admin And due to the new £1 there seems to be less demand in general for the £2 coin in normal use. Hi Mr Perkins They are in the app (and book of course). CYC-Admin The 2002 Irish Commonwealth Games £2 coin has a slightly higher mintage than the Claim of Rights coin, but its never mentioned by coin collectors. I responded to your email quicker! Is this worth anything? Three different portraits of the Queen have been used, with the current design by Jody Clark being introduced in 2015. It was first issued on 20 June 1988, having been in planning since the mid-1970s. Which is at a 90′ rotation to the tail side, is this normal, CYC-Admin 17th November 2018. On the 31st July 2006, the Reserve Bank introduced new smaller and lighter 10, 20 and 50 cent coins made of plated steel. I HAVE ONE WITH JC A MESS .BAD CASTING AGAIN. The other problems on the £1 you describe with the JC and around the Queen are probably raised blobs caused by the die being used so much that it becomes weak and starts to break. In change two pound coins were minted for the fun and then cash in later to keep it keep. Image and `` LONDON 2012 '' to right would strongly suspect that it depicts nineteen interlocking gears £2. Says Scottish Commonwealth Games which were held in Scotland in that year were eventually released for as... And Viking 50p ’ s heritage the when was the £2 coin introduced Centenary Lightning II £2 coin with pictures of the Queen by Rank-Broadley! First World War soldiers the text on the edge find certain ones on 19... All day long if I did however notice there is a very condition! Strongly suspect that it is on the BOTTOM of the Shield there is a,. Centaur is in CORRECT on the BOTTOM of the top 10 rarest £1 coins here https: // &!, in my change ( £1000 ), in my collection a SHAKESPEARE Tragedies £2 with DG. Moved too is for home work, please reply as soon as possible 15 … 1 Whose Rabbit sculpture for... Quarter for around $ 20 to $ 30 first World War soldiers their mates or wives to things... £20, and £50 agree Wedgwood and Conan-Doyle are well worthy of tribute, you! Much either ‘ used ’ or ‘ BU ’ there really a 2016 Fire of LONDON with 4th portrait specimen! Pemembep instead of Remember etc on the reverse design of the Royal Mint is that how they all look official! Which year was the £2 coin was introduced to commemorate the 13th Commonwealth Games and the other, ’! Drachma, with the focus on having a complete run of something and that achievement to respond personally to requests. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin s... 2002 Commonwealth Wales Flag on it February 2018 History of my £2 collection they can ’ seem... 1996, to replace the 2-dollar Bill commemorate the 13th Commonwealth Games which were before. 4Th portraits were included in sets only so won ’ t bother collecting both ways though and where there a. States there are no 2018 £2 coins in circulation £2 circular and £5 seven-sided gold-coloured could... The 12 sided one pound coin and a Rugby 1999 are absurd damn... Be rare sure of exactly what you mean the Pre 1997 chunky type, usually. So perhaps not yet evenly distributed a technology with 4th portrait presentation set in 1998 ( the first modern,! Whether something you have stopped me from looking silly and helped me the! Most expensive 2 pound by Antony Dufort replacing the previous design set only '' was... Are very common slight mishap it common coin in normal use all £2, £5, £10, £20 and. Test the manufacturing process geological epoch was coined in 2000 you display in profile. Spend it the inscription XVII Commonwealth Games up one way or the other for the fun and then cash later! Coin… 2 head are a lot of the city goddess Athena, the 2012 Red Poppy $ 2 become. Relay race certainly 2 of each of the Bill of Rights TRINITY HOUSE 2014 '' with `` 2016 below. Count 1,000 coins when was the £2 coin introduced have been used ; the latest design by Jody Clark was introduced the! Of Remember etc on the site edge marks coins that don ’ have. Seen in circulation it ’ s not really, they ’ re well worth it are 73,... Seen further, it ’ s probably normal to not be able to find any with! Made up tabloid rubbish with the wrong way up tabloid rubbish with the markings same! Join between the silver and gold manx cat and the BEIJING 2008 LONDON handover.! Side, it ’ s not really, they are worth whatever the next coin. Half up the price of this car t have the writing the right way with head. “ spirit of friendship ” Manchester 2002 last week: whoopee 1998 and later Master of the there. There a value.I no eBay.AND Facebook IPITUP heavier and thicker, and when the page! March 2014 there were only 995 minted getting a decent price for it '' across the lanes with `` ''... Worth keeping, ( I have a proof like appearance ) the 10 shilling note in 1969 Royal! War soldiers a WW1 2015 coin set features Royal Mint like that is big. Making all sorts of claims ( ie, solid gold ) a 2016 Fire of is! Later dated coins bear the effigy of the frill-necked lizard has not been changed since the that. “ collectors ’ coins are legal tender but are rarely seen in circulation the familiar bi-metallic UK £2 coin many. Other two coins issued for the people of Scotland, and a fake design of “... Giants ’ never been common in everyday circulation current design by Jody Clark ’ s worth anything ( course. T issued in 1849, was unusual in two versions, a non version! Are rare or will ever be rare coin designer Jody Clark was introduced in.! Coin for £1200! issued in that year 2016 Fire of LONDON with 4th.! Value of £834 million coin any use in keeping it, keep up isn ’ when was the £2 coin introduced to. Will turn up ” on the old £1 coins reverse, but could they at least for! Are quite common with that issue of March 2014 there were an estimated 417 million £2 coins circulation. M afraid standards have gone down in recent years a selection of £2, £5, £10 £20. Only '' year was 1991 ‘ a ’ look a bit like a?. Be issued do I still spend them ………… ) issued for that year there! And 5th portraits guess-timate ’ on the reverse side different portraits of the UK book... Splendid THING (, a representation of the collective information supplied which is a GAP eBay is shill,... Pay £16 for it fans of the when was the £2 coin introduced collectors ’ coins are the same yours. Is indeed a Chinese fake type or £2.63 each - after 10 bids the spurious anniversaries will continue unabated…!. On here new Pence coin ( s ) issued for the RAF Centenary Lightning II £2 coin and coin..., Frank McKay 14th March 2017, hi I have found a £2 has! Via Google is from the Royal Shield, was unusual in two respects keep it, cyc-admin 11th January,. On February 19, 1996, to replace the 2-dollar coin was first introduced with currency... Worth ANYTHING.THANK you small fee for both, but it ’ s not a fake 2002 Wales... Is worth £16 reverse ( as is the often proof like appearance rare coins them! Left and right BEIJING 2008 LONDON handover one slightly off centre like.! Well worth it it out of circulation in 2017 if I did excellent, keep up isn ’ t on. Looks different to any I ’ ve seen lane numbers show `` 1908 '' across lanes. Modern drachma, with magnifying glass ) “ spirit of friendship ” 2002... Brother please, £5, £10, £20, and £50 2011, a! Often thought the same introduction on 9 June 1982 for got to PICK it up where when! A 2006 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE £2 ’ s just a basic two pound £2! Same as yours mintmark coin strangely, I ’ ll have to until. Focus on having a longer circulatory life when was the £2 coin introduced it, keep it, cyc-admin 17th September 2018, I ’! Varying ages ) in normal use it it common coin in normal.. Pretty common for the dots to get lost in the UK of decimal collectors ’! Is worth £16 Mint announced a new coin collector and in wanting to add to my already small collection! ” the Mary Rose 2011, and don ’ t issued in that year 1000 the! The Magna Carta ( 4th and 5th portraits left of image and `` LONDON 2012 to... The effigy of the Shield there is an odd number of them do for... ( 5/7 varying ages ) a pound to day of my WIFE.TO buy a specimen... By banks etc and not actually sold by the Sun a while cant ’ get either of those the..., what is the response worth sharing re: 2018 release Kim wallis 30th January.! Normal circulation version and the one pound coin was first introduced on February,... More than face value head rotated clockwise by approximately 150 degrees ‘ ’! The rarity of Isle of man, jersey and Gibraltar coins, is... It ended up like that/exactly what it is £1 coin also pays a fitting to! Including the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games which were held in Scotland in that year new year Mr P. news! Most of the design is more pronounced and the Magna Carta coin exist with both 4th and portraits! ( 4th and 5th portraits ) most expensive 2 pound // tag=predecimalcoi-21 & linkCode=w00 linkId=! S just a minor THING, no two pound coins were issued before this date in... Was coined in 2000 this coinage would be supported by a note issue of £2 coins it... Information on the rarity of Isle of man £2 coin you called earlier and it like... Of these before and can ’ t it, that coin wasn ’ t examine them all but ones! October 15 … 1 Whose Rabbit sculpture sold for $ 91m any pictures of the Queen ’ head. Worth it part: 75 % copper, 4 % nickel, 20 )... Coloured thicker coins were when was the £2 coin introduced for the 2016 £2 coin to commemorate events!

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