About Gifted George

Some intersting facts about Gifted George

  • Has been reading for 30 years professionally.
  • Can speak both English and Greek fluently.
  • Has been on live radio.
  • Is rated 5 stars for his quality of his services.
  • Has been tested and verified for authenticity of his talents and abilities.
  • Discovered his abilities at the age of twelve.
  • Can connect with pets and people who have crossed over.
  • Can interpret dreams.
  • Naturally empathic
  • Can do remote healings.
  • Helped people locate lost objects and even lost pets or find missing people.



What you can expect from Gifted George.

Years of experience - 30 years 85%
Professionalism - 100%
Good listener - 100%
Compassionate kind and caring - 100%



  • Prompt services
  • No waiting
  • No delays
  • Hassle free
  • Peace of mind
  • Convenient easy to use system for booking your appointment
  • Secure and private chat system
  • Secure and private E-Webinars
  • User friendly & easy to understand website
  • Multilanguage website

Friendly and warm atmosphere

You will feel right at home with our session with a friendly non judgmental atmosphere.

We Welcome People From All Walks of life

We have helped many people from all walks of life.

Well being and Healing.

We provide remote healing and energy clearing and aura cleansing for overall well being.

LGBT Friendly

We welcome and support LGBT and are LGBT friendly.

Life and Relationship coaching

We offer life coaching as well as relationship coaching.

No matter how big or small your problems are or if you are in a life crisis we are here to help.

Helping you with your Pets

Having trouble understanding or communicating with your beloved pets.

Not sure what they are trying to tell you or want from you.

Not to worry we can help you to get a better understanding and giving you the peace of mind.

Helping you connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

Just lost a loved one or want to reach out and connect with them.

We can help you connect with your loved ones and have the peace of mind and comfort in talking with them again.

Ever wonder what your drams mean?

Need help in understanding what your dreams mean or want to know how to interpret them.

We can help you to understand and interpret your dreams.

No more guessing or wondering what your dreams are trying to tell you.

Tools that we can use for your session.